Wall Pocket FAQ's


Wall Pockets stick to any smooth surface! Put one on your wall, mirror, desk, bedframe, door, etc. Send us a picture of your Wall Pocket so we can feature your unique Pocket placement in our gallery

No! It's super easy! All you do is wipe off the desired surface, peel back the plastic from the back of the Wall Pocket tape, and stick the Wall Pocket to any smooth surface. For best results leave for 24 hours before putting items in your Wall Pocket

Message Wall Pockets by Aviva on Facebook or email WallPocketsbyAviva@gmail.com

Great Question! You have a couple of options for your Wall Pocket design
  • Send us a picture to put on your Wall Pocket
  • Tell us a color or theme you like and we will decorate your Wall Pocket accordingly
  • Tell us any of your interests and we will find a way to incorporate them into your Wall Pocket
  • Leave it totally up to us and be surprised!

Email WallPocketsbyAviva@gmail.com with a picture of you and your Wall Pocket, and a tell us a little bit about you!